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Overview for the Unitech PT630

The HT630 mobile computer is designed to meet the demands of various applications, ranging from transportation and warehousing to mobile sales and retail. Rugged and durable, the HT630 can withstand multiple 4-foot drops to concrete and weighs less than 8 ounces.

The HT630 provides out-of-the-box functionality with five ready-made common applications. Its ergonomic design includes a 27-key keypad, backlit LCD screen and powerful bar code scanner, making data collection fast and easy. 

Standard Features
• Compact, durable design
• IP54-rated / 4-foot drop threshold
• 3 laser scanner options: wide angle, high density or long range
• 3 memory options: 512K, 2.5MB or 4.5MB RAM
• 27-key keypad
• Text-based OS
• 16-bit processor
• 10-hour battery life
• Includes power supply, battery and cables

Product Models and Descriptions

  Wide Angle Laser Scanner / USB Cable
HT630-A000AADG HT630, 512K RAM
HT630-A000BADG HT630, 2.5MB RAM
HT630-A000CADG HT630, 4.5MB RAM

High Density Laser Scanner / USB Cable
HT630HD-A000AADG HT630, 512K RAM
HT630HD-A000BADG HT630, 2.5MB RAM
HT630HD-A000CADG HT630, 4.5MB RAM

Long Range Laser Scanner / USB Cable
HT630LR-A000AADG HT630, 512K RAM
HT630LR-A000BADG HT630, 2.5MB RAM
HT630LR-A000CADG HT630, 4.5MB RAM

No Scanner / USB Cable
HT630-0000AADG HT630, 512K RAM
HT630-0000BADG HT630, 2.5MB RAM
HT630-0000CADG HT630, 4.5MB RAM

Wide Angle Laser Scanner / RS232 Cable
HT630-AA0A1G HT630, 512K RAM
HT630-AB0A1G HT630, 2.5MB RAM
HT630-AC0A1G HT630, 4.5MB RAM

High Density Laser Scanner / RS232 Cable
HT630HD-AA0A1G HT630, 512K RAM
HT630HD-AB0A1G HT630, 2.5MB RAM
HT630HD-AC0A1G HT630, 4.5MB RAM

Long Range Laser Scanner / RS232 Cable
HT630LR-AA0A1G HT630, 512K RAM
HT630LR-AB0A1G HT630, 2.5MB RAM
HT630LR-AC0A1G HT630, 4.5MB RAM

No Scanner / RS232 Cable
HT630-0A0A1G HT630, 512K RAM
HT630-0B0A1G HT630, 2.5MB RAM
HT630-0C0A1G HT630, 4.5MB RAM
*Stores over 17,000 24-character records per 500K (0.5MB)


Spin the model below to see the scanner in 3D mode

Overview for the Honeywell Scan Pal

The Metrologic ScanPal 2 is a light-weight, portable data collection terminal, designed for all-day, everyday use.

The Metrologic ScanPal 2 is a light-weight, portable data collection terminal, designed for all-day, everyday use. The compact design Metrologic ScanPal 2 Mobile Computerallows the user single handed operation, ease of use, and durability. The Metrologic ScanPal 2 contains an easy-to-use and comprehensive Windows-based application generator and downloading utilities. There are a multitude of applications in which the Metrologic ScanPal 2 excels, including inventory/stock control, shipping and receiving, document monitoring, factory floor data collection, shelf price audits, price checking, asset tracking, warehousing and distribution operations.

Honeywell S500 Optimus

5500 OptimusS Features and Benefits

LCD display with backlight and adjustable font:  Easy to view screen to accommodate different users and environments

Small form factor: Same feature set as bulkier units in a lighter, easier to handle package

Several Programming Optics (Optimizer, BASIC, C): Accommodates different levels of programming skills from beginner to advanced

Class 1 Bluetooth Technology Industry standard technology allows real-time transfer of data approximately 100 meters to a variety of devices

Lower power consumption than other wireless technologies allows for more uptime

Cost-effective alternative to WiFi

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