AssetWorx! The most cost effective RFID software solution on the market today.

Tracking and managing your company's physical assets is essential, but it's also labor intensive, which means time away from your core business and lost revenue. The good news is there's a way to manage your assets quickly and efficiently with an affordable investment. AssetWorx! RFID software is the most affordable RFID solution on the market today.

Take control of your assets with RFID technology.

AssetWorx! software solution is a complete RFID fixed asset management system with an intuitive interface that is easy to implement, learn, and use. Developed and designed for businesses of any size—whether you need to monitor a few assets or you are managing several sites. Click here to Request a webinar today.

AssetWorx! is built on industry standard Microsoft .Net technology.

Tried, tested and Microsoft certified, AssetWorx! utilizes Microsoft .Net and SQL Server infrastructure. Providing a scalable solution from a one client installation to an enterprise wide distributed Asset Management System.

AssetWorx! allows you to easily transition from your existing barcode technology.

The current investment in your company's barcode technology is safe with AssetWorx!, which can utilize both RFID and barcode technology at the same time. This allows you to transition seamlessly to the new RFID technology at your own pace.

Ready for a new way to Check-in and Check-out documents, tools and high value assets using RFID?

AssetWorx! Rapid Asset Deployment System (RADS) allows you to monitor and control who has checked in and checked out valuable assets.

AssetWorx! utilizes both passive and active RFID tag technology.

AssetWorx! active V-TAG technology makes long range tracking of assets even easier. V-TAGs automatically organize themselves into their own data network. Simply install AssetWorx! and the V-TAG module and immediately have the ability to:

  • Associate tags with assets or shipments;
  • Set thresholds for temperature, humidity, shock and battery level;
  • Receive and view tag alarms for threshold exceeded events;
  • Receive and view current and historical hourly sensor reports;
  • Generate graphs of hourly sensor reports;
  • Set alerting rules for tag movement;
  • Verify shipment contents for both shipping and receiving;
  • Monitor gateway and tag status.
Fixed Asset Tracking


Administration Client

The AssetWorx! Administration Client is a Windows application that runs on your computer that lets you view and manage all of the data of the AssetWorx! system. The application has been designed with a simple, easy-to-use user interface which allows you to see all of your Assets status within your enterprise.


The administration client provides many reports which allow you to filter in on exactly what data you are interested in seeing. From viewing Asset Lists to Checkout Histories, AssetWorx! has many of the reports commonly requested by companies. Additionally, since the AssetWorx! backend is open, you are also given the option of customizing or creating your own reports.

Other Features

The AssetWorx! Administration Client also provides additional screens which are often essential to properly managing assets within your enterprise. One example is setting up maintenance schedules, which allow your users to see exactly when assets will need work done on them. Another example is Shipments which allow you to monitor Assets as they enter and leave your facilities.


Fixed Asset Tracking


Handheld Client

The AssetWorx! Handheld Client is a Windows Mobile application. This means that it runs on handheld devices such as the Motorola MC-9090 RFID reader. The Handheld Client allows you to operate connecting to Wi-Fi or in batch mode by syncing when docked. It allows you to go to each location in your enterprise and quickly scan your Assets to update their location. It can also operate in barcode mode when you need to work with legacy barcode labeled assets that haven't been given RFID tags yet. The Handheld Client also makes initial setup of RFID a snap. There are screens that allow you to program your RFID tags as well as associate them with Assets that have been imported into the AssetWorx! system.

Fixed Asset Tracking


Alarm Monitoring

The Alarm Monitoring System is a Windows Service that runs in the background on a server and communicates with RFID portals throughout your enterprise. The AssetWorx! Administration Client allows you to define Alerting Actions and assign them to your RFID portals. This gives you granular control over what actions should be taken when your assets start to move. the Alarm Monitoring System is best complimented by the Administration Client.

The Administration Client provides a clear interface that shows you exactly which of your RFID portals are connected/disconnected. The Administration Client can also receive real-time alerts that the Alarm Monitoring System generates. This feature can be useful for a security guard or manager, giving them time to make effective decisions that boil down to cost saving for the company.

Fixed Asset Tracking


Rapid Asset Deployment System (RADS)

RADS stands for Rapid Application Deployment System. It is an AssetWorx! application that can be installed on a machine which allows users to check assets in and out. It typically is installed on a touch-screen computer. An RFID portal next to the computer will allow the software to rapidly read all of the assets the user is interested in checking out. An optional proximity card reader can also be attached to the computer which allows a user to simply scan their employee badge in order to identify themselves.

In the past, checking out assets has always been a tedious process for enterprising. Often times everything was done with pen and paper and user errors were very common. Additionally, these systems wouldn't provide any sort of reporting for administrators. Even newer software based systems have only provided barcode based checkout systems. Although these allow data to be centrally coordinated, the manual process of scanning every barcode is slow and cumbersome. By utilizing RFID for a checkout system, the RADS system allows for real cost saving benefits for the end user.

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